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Michael is a miracle worker!  I am so grateful I found his information, and he was willing to take me on as a student for both the Series 7 and the Series 66.  With his help, I was able to pass both the exams and feel far more confident going into the tests that I ever would have without his help.  He is a great communicator, is patient, and has a knack for explaining the information in a way that just makes sense.  If you are using STC or Kaplan as I was, I found his tutoring sessions to be the perfect complement to the questions I had after reviewing those materials - sometimes you just have a dumb question, or want to see how much you know in a safe space outside the office, and Michael is able to provide that environment.  His prep questions for suitability were invaluable for the 7, and his spreadsheet for the 66 to distinguish the differences in the Acts were mission critical.  I certainly owe quite a bit to Michael for preparing me for the 7 and 66, and strongly recommend him for anyone who is taking the exams - don't wait to see if you pass - be proactive, meet with him, and make the best investment in yourself - passing the exams on the first try!  Thanks so much again, Michael.


Danielle, Chicago, IL


I enjoyed working with Michael while studying for the Series 7 Exam.   We focused on taxation and options, two areas which I found difficult prior to the tutoring.  He thoroughly explained the concepts and now I have a much better understanding of the material related to taxation and options. With some hard work and Michael's help, I passed with a score of 93%. I would recommend Finance Exam Tutor and Michael to anyone who needs help with the material on the series 7.

Jim - Salisbury,  North Carolina "

​​Michael assisted me with corporate finance and with his help I was able to pass my final exam, I gained a much better understanding of various topics including dividend discount models, bond valuation, capital budgeting, financial accounting, and the capital asset pricing model.  He was also very receptive to follow up questions and I felt totally comfortable asking him questions outside of a formal tutoring session. I would recommend Michael to anyone who needs a tutor for corporate finance.

Jasmine - Virginia

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Mike is great! After trying two Finance tutors and struggling to find the one who could help me solving the problems step by step and then going over how to solve them using the calculator I finally found Michael W. He was very patient, answered all my questions, took his time to wait for me to try to do the work myself... it was really enjoyable and helpful the time we spent together. First I wondered if through Skype I would achieve the result expected, and YES I did. I am very impressed with his responsiveness. I highly recommend Michael W. as a Finance Tutor.

Cleide - Bordentown, NJ


11/21 - With the help of a SIE Exam Tutor, Mary passed the SIE Exam

07/21 - SIE Tutoring helped Alejandro pass the SIE Exam

04.21 - With the help of a SIE Tutor, Jorge passed the SIE Exam

03/21 - With the help of a SIE Tutor, Tom passed the SIE Exam

01/21 - SIE Tutoring helped Adam and Rachel pass the SIE Exam

11/20 - With the help of a SIE Tutor, Mike passed the SIE Exam

10/20With the help of a SIE Tutor, Julia passed the SIE Exam

09/20 - SIE Tutoring helped Ashley pass the SIE Exam

07/20 - With the help of a SIE Tutor, Aidan passed the SIE Exam

01/20 - SIE Tutoring helped James pass the SIE Exam

12/19 - With the help of a SIE Tutor, Kate passed the SIE Exam

09/19 - With the help of a SIE Tutor, Keith, Jacqueline and Jennifer passed the SIE Exam

08-19 - SIE Exam Tutoring helped Jorge, Lisa, Casey, Mark, and Will pass the SIE Exam

07-19 - With the help of a SIE Tutor, Susan passed the SIE exam

05-19 - With the help of a SIE Tutor, Laura passed the SIE Exam

04-19 - SIE Exam Tutoring helped Robert pass the SIE Exam

03-19 - With the help of a SIE Exam Tutor, Melissa passed the SIE Exam

12-18 - With the help of a SIE Exam Tutor, Gerry and Robert passed the SIE Exam 

08-18 - Finance Exam Tutor begins offering tutoring for the SIE Exam

11/17 - Finance Exam Tutor is hiring but please only inquire about Series 7 Tutoring positions                  if you have several years of prior Series 7 Tutoring experience. We are looking for                      Series 7 Tutors all over the US but especially in NYC, NY.

11/17 - Series 7 Tutoring helped Jessica passed the Series 7 Exam

10/17 - Series 7 Tutoring helped Danielle pass the Series 7 Exam​

10/17 - FINRA announces the restructuring of certain FINRA exams and introduces                                 the Securities Industry Essentials Exam.  Series 7 Tutoring can help you with old                           and new exams.

09/17 - T+2 Settlement goes into effect for stocks, corporate bonds and municipal                                    bonds.  Series 7 Tutoring can help you understand the other  effects of this                                     change. 

08/17 - Was a busy month with Series 24 students and with Series 7 students

07/17 - Students continue to appreciate our suitability questions for the series 7 exam

07/17 - The SEC approves the Securities Industry Essentials Exam and the restructuring              of the Series 6 and Series 7 exams.  Series 7 Tutoring can help you with the new exams.

04/12 - Series 7 Tutoring helped Jennifer pass the Series 7 Exam.
03/12 - With the help of a Series 7 Tutor, Maureen passed the Series 7 Exam.
02/12 - Series 7 Tutoring helped Chris passed the Series 7 Exam.
02/12 - With the help of a Series 7 Tutor, Jim passed the Series 7 Exam.
02/12 - Series 7 Tutoring helped Robert pass the Series 7 Exam.            
01/12 - Finance Exam Tutor helps Jessica pass her corporate finance final exam!
11/11 - FINRA raises the minimum passing score on the Series 7 Exam to 72% from                      70%.  Getting a  Series 7 Tutor can help you try to pass this exam!

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