SIE/Series 7 Tutors 

Below is a comparison between Finance Exam Tutor

and some of most prominent SIE Exam Tutors/Series 7 Tutors on the web.

Company                        Cost                     Bios                         

Finance Exam Tutor      $75 to $150/hr        Yes    Myguruedge                  $90/hr (Online)        No           $75/hr -$170            No        Kaplan Financial           $200 - $250/hr         No

Pass7fast                      $250/hr                    Yes

When you are searching for a SIE Exam Tutor, or a Series 7 Tutor, you should carefully evaluate their experience.

Also, while searching for Series 7 Tutors, I would avoid the following two companies: Wyzant and especially Varsity Tutors.

When you hire Varsity Tutors for the Series 7 Exam or the SIE Exam, they often require you make a large up front commitment in excess of $1,000 and they make you sign a contract. You should never have to sign a contract when hiring a Series 7 Tutor.  Also, Varsity does not pay their Series 7 Tutors or other licensing exam tutors all that much, which is a problem.  One student who I worked with had previously used Varsity had a tutor who tried to sell him his notes.  

Wyzant is not much better but at least they do not make you sign a contract.  The issue with Wyzant is that they take 25% of a Series 7 Tutor's compensation, which can result in the tutor treating the client differently from other clients. 

Something else to consider when hiring a Series 7 Tutor would be tutor's materials.   Does the tutor have any materials to use during a meeting?   The Series 7 Tutor should have proprietary materials and should also be familiar with the materials of the major prep providers.  

Finally, never hire a Series 7 Tutor or tutor for any exam based on a money back guarantee if you do not pass. Money back guarantees are popular marketing techniques designed to sell products.  

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07/21 - SIE Tutoring helped Alejandro pass the SIE Exam

04.21 - With the help of a SIE Tutor, Jorge passed the SIE Exam

03/21 - With the help of a SIE Tutor, Tom passed the SIE Exam

01/21 - SIE Tutoring helped Adam and Rachel pass the SIE Exam

11/20 - With the help of a SIE Tutor, Mike passed the SIE Exam

10/20 - With the help of a SIE Tutor, Julia passed the SIE Exam

09/20 - SIE Tutoring helped Ashley pass the SIE Exam

07/20 - With the help of a SIE Tutor, Aidan passed the SIE Exam

01/20 - SIE Tutoring helped James pass the SIE Exam

12/19 - With the help of a SIE Tutor, Kate passed the SIE Exam

09/19 - With the help of a SIE Tutor, Keith, Jacqueline and Jennifer passed the SIE Exam

08-19 - SIE Exam Tutoring helped Jorge, Lisa, Casey, Mark, and Will pass the SIE Exam

07-19 - With the help of a SIE Tutor, Susan passed the SIE exam

05-19 - With the help of a SIE Tutor, Laura passed the SIE Exam

04-19 - SIE Exam Tutoring helped Robert pass the SIE Exam

03-19 - With the help of a SIE Exam Tutor, Melissa passed the SIE Exam

12-18 - With the help of a SIE Exam Tutor, Gerry and Robert passed the SIE Exam 

08-18 - Finance Exam Tutor begins offering tutoring for the SIE Exam

11/17 - Finance Exam Tutor is hiring but please only inquire about Series 7 Tutoring positions                if you have several years of prior Series 7 Tutoring experience. We are looking for                      Series 7 Tutors all over the US but especially in NYC, NY.

11/17 - Series 7 Tutoring helped Jessica passed the Series 7 Exam

10/17 - Series 7 Tutoring helped Danielle pass the Series 7 Exam​

10/17 - FINRA announces the restructuring of certain FINRA exams and introduces                                 the Securities Industry Essentials Exam.  Series 7 Tutoring can help you with old                       and new exams.

09/17 - T+2 Settlement goes into effect for stocks, corporate bonds and municipal                                   bonds.  Series 7 Tutoring can help you understand the other  effects of this                                 change. 

08/17 - Was a busy month with Series 24 students and with Series 7 students

07/17 - Students continue to appreciate our suitability questions for the series 7 exam

07/17 - The SEC approves the Securities Industry Essentials Exam and the restructuring              of the Series 6 and Series 7 exams.  Series 7 Tutoring can help you with old and                restructured exams.

04/12 - Series 7 Tutoring helped Jennifer pass the Series 7 Exam.
03/12 - With the help of a Series 7 Tutor, Maureen passed the Series 7 Exam.
02/12 - Series 7 Tutoring helped Chris passed the Series 7 Exam.
02/12 - With the help of a Series 7 Tutor, Jim passed the Series 7 Exam.
02/12 - Series 7 Tutoring helped Robert pass the Series 7 Exam.            
01/12 - Finance Exam Tutor helps Jessica pass her corporate finance final exam!
11/11 - FINRA raises the minimum passing score on the Series 7 Exam to 72% from                      70%.  Getting a  Series 7 Tutor can help you try to pass this exam!