We offer private SIE Exam Tutoring and tutoring services for people studying for other FINRA & NASAA licensing exams as well as for students who are struggling with finance courses.  We have a team of tutors focused on various FINRA & NASAA exams. We also have tutors with strong backgrounds in finance/investments. Finance Exam Tutor will help you try to pass the SIE Exam and help you get better grades in your finance courses. 

As a SIE Exam Tutor, we can help you understand the most difficult topics on the SIE exam, such as options and regulations, or any topic that that is covered on the SIE Exam.  Some people who take the SIE Exam rely mostly on doing questions. This can result in memorizing answers. 
Our SIE Exam Tutoring emphasizes concepts but we can also work with you on practice questions. For additional information about the SIE Exam, you can click on the following link for FINRA's SIE Exam Content Outline.

Get private SIE Exam Tutoring, Series 7 Tutoring and tutoring for other FINRA and NASAA licensing exams such as the series 6 exam!




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Michael Weiss, CFA, the owner of Finance Exam Tutor, passed the series 7 exam with a score of 94%. Michael also passed the series 6, 63, and 65 exams, all with relatively high scores.  In Addition, Michael has 25 years of investment experience, including several years dedicated to Series 7 Tutoring and tutoring for other licensing exams.  If you would like to hire a SIE Exam Tutor, you can send a note to tutor@financeexamtutor.com.  Alternatively, you can send a text to 215-867-9815
Finance Exam Tutor offers online and in-person tutoring in various locations.  We can also conduct classes for the SIE Exam, the Series 7 Exam and other FINRA/NASAA exams. 
FINRA offers a practice SIE exam on their website.  To access their SIE Exam, you can click on the link below: (If you score less than 70, you might consider working with a SIE Tutor 


11/20 - With the help of a SIE Tutor, Mike passed the SIE Exam

10/20 - With the help of a SIE Tutor, Julia passed the SIE Exam

09/20 - SIE Tutoring helped Ashley pass the SIE Exam

07/20 - With the help of a SIE Tutor, Aidan passed the SIE Exam

01/20 - SIE Tutoring helped James pass the SIE Exam

12/19 - With the help of a SIE Tutor, Kate passed the SIE Exam

09/19 - With the help of a SIE Tutor, Keith, Jacqueline and Jennifer passed the SIE Exam

08-19 - SIE Exam Tutoring helped Jorge, Lisa, Casey, Mark, and Will pass the SIE Exam

07-19 - With the help of a SIE Tutor, Susan passed the SIE exam

05-19 - With the help of a SIE Tutor, Laura passed the SIE Exam

04-19 - SIE Exam Tutoring helped Robert pass the SIE Exam

03-19 - With the help of a SIE Exam Tutor, Melissa passed the SIE Exam

12-18 - With the help of a SIE Exam Tutor, Gerry and Robert passed the SIE Exam 

08-18 - Finance Exam Tutor begins offering tutoring for the SIE Exam

11/17 - Finance Exam Tutor is hiring but please only inquire about Series 7 Tutoring positions                if you have several years of prior Series 7 Tutoring experience. We are looking for                      Series 7 Tutors all over the US but especially in NYC, NY.

11/17 - Series 7 Tutoring helped Jessica passed the Series 7 Exam

10/17 - Series 7 Tutoring helped Danielle pass the Series 7 Exam​

10/17 - FINRA announces the restructuring of certain FINRA exams and introduces                                 the Securities Industry Essentials Exam.  Series 7 Tutoring can help you with old                       and new exams.

09/17 - T+2 Settlement goes into effect for stocks, corporate bonds and municipal                                   bonds.  Series 7 Tutoring can help you understand the other  effects of this                                 change. 

08/17 - Was a busy month with Series 24 students and with Series 7 students

07/17 - Students continue to appreciate our suitability questions for the series 7 exam

07/17 - The SEC approves the Securities Industry Essentials Exam and the restructuring              of the Series 6 and Series 7 exams.  Series 7 Tutoring can help you with old and                restructured exams.

04/12 - Series 7 Tutoring helped Jennifer pass the Series 7 Exam.
03/12 - With the help of a Series 7 Tutor, Maureen passed the Series 7 Exam.
02/12 - Series 7 Tutoring helped Chris passed the Series 7 Exam.
02/12 - With the help of a Series 7 Tutor, Jim passed the Series 7 Exam.
02/12 - Series 7 Tutoring helped Robert pass the Series 7 Exam.            
01/12 - Finance Exam Tutor helps Jessica pass her corporate finance final exam!
11/11 - FINRA raises the minimum passing score on the Series 7 Exam to 72% from                      70%.  Getting a  Series 7 Tutor can help you try to pass this exam!

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